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FaceBook Healthcare-Related Ads (April 2010)

Here are some of the new FaceBook healthcare-related ads that were targeted to my profile during the month of April. Several of those that I have posted previously are still appearing, which makes one assume that the advertiser must be satisfied with the outcome (but that’s only a guess).

Previous posts on FaceBook healthcare-related ads:

  • from Mar 8-21 2010 here
  • from Feb 19 to Mar 7 2010 here
  • from Feb 6-18 2010 here
  • from Jan 25 to Feb 5 2010 here

You will notice that the ads no longer have the mention “Become a fan” below, as FaceBook has switched this to “Like”.  If you want to learn more about this recent FaceBook change, take a look at this article by Mashable which also contains a document from Facebook explaining the change.

This post is by no means an endorsement of any of the products or services depicted in the ads, nor is it a critique of the ads themselves.

Feel free to critique any of these FaceBook healthcare-related ads in the comments section.

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Canada’s Online Health Check

Coming soon: “Canada’s Online Health Check” .  Welcome to a regular column that I will be building into my blog.  The purpose of this column will be to share with you information about Canadians’ online activities and web sources which either directly, indirectly or potentially may involve healthcare. Also, as the web is making it easy for global activities to impact various countries, I will be posting global information that may hold some relevance to Canadian healthcare.

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First “Canada’s Online Health Check” post coming soon! If you have ideas or would like to share information, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. Comments and guests on my blog are always welcomed and fully acknowledged!

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