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Canada’s Online Health Check – More Proof that Canadians of all Ages are Active on Social Networks

I was just about to shut down my e-mail as it was almost midnight, but I saw that a new Groundswell post had been submitted. As I am the curious type, especially when it comes to social media news, I had to open it right away. Am I ever glad that I did because it focused on some great news that would get any Canadian marketer excited; the Social Technographics Profile tool now includes the option to select CANADA. So bedtime was pushed out further as I was so thrilled about this new feature that I had to check it out right away.

Background: The Social Technographics Ladder explains the level of activity on social media by various market segments. As you go up the ladder, each group becomes more and more involved in social media activities. The Social Technographics Ladder you see below is an overview of Canadians’ (all ages, both genders) use of social networks (snapshot taken on December 3 2009).

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies frequently ask whether their target market, especially if this consists of an older audience, is involved in social media. Now they have the answer, and it is a resounding “YES” for all age groups and both genders.

Let’s compare Canadian women and men aged 55 years and older;

On the lower end of the spectrum, there are 42% of Canadian females and 38% of Canadian males aged 55+ that are currently inactive, therefore not accessible via social networks. However, 42% of Canadian females and 50% of Canadian males aged 55+ are watching, reading and listening to what is happening on various social networks. As you keep going up the Social Technographics Ladder, you see that our Canadian seniors (and I use this term only because it is the highest age group you can segment by in this particular application) are definitely involved in social media at some level. It will be interesting to see the chart for this age group change over the years as the more active younger generations grow older.

Add that information to the North American Technographics Benchmark Survey of 2008, and you have the basis for a pretty good discussion about whether healthcare marketers should consider a social media tactic for their specific target audience (Source: Forrester Inc. Research;  blogs.forrester.com ─ April 22, 2009).

So go ahead and play with the Social Technographics Profile application to see where your target market fits in (and check for yourself as well). It is fun, interesting and a valuable tool for all marketers.

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