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Thank you for another great year !

I cannot believe it is already the end of 2010.  It was a very special year for me, and I have so many people to thank for making it so.  Here’s a short list;

  • My newborn son, for making every day bright and sunny thanks to his big toothless grin (well, he was toothless for most of the year, but now has 2 little pearly whites)
  • My preschooler son, for showing me the way a child sees the world, and for helping me understand what is truly important in life
  • My husband, for his unconditional love and support, but also for his insights and counsel regarding my business
  • My parents and brother, for their support and for taking care of my children when I had extended business meetings or conferences to attend
  • My clients, for treating me like one of their own employees, for having faith in my abilities, for recommending me to other organizations, and for respecting my need to be a Mom first (that last comment is what makes my clients so very special)
  • My blog readers, for their feedback and comments on my posts which help me grow as a blogger, and also for sharing my posts with their networks

It’s been a good year for my business.  A couple of my clients provide me with constant work, whereas others request my services only when needed for specific time-limited projects.  It works out perfectly.

Many thanks to my 2010 clients.  I appreciate your business and I have enjoyed working with all of you.  Looking forward to 2011 !!

  • Ddrops Company
  • GI Society
  • Danielle’s Foundation
  • Kidney Cancer Canada
  • PAAB
  • Roche
  • Solvay Pharma (now Abbott)
  • TimedRight
  • Teva Innovation Canada

I am really looking forward to 2011.  There are some interesting client projects coming up, and my blog is going to be re-launched with some exciting stuff … to be announced in January or February.


Merry Christmas and happy new year,



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