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FaceBook Healthcare-Related Ads (November 2010)

Here are some of the healthcare-related ads that were targeted to my personal profile on FaceBook during the month of November 2010.  All previous posts on FaceBook healthcare-related ads that targeted my FaceBook profile can be found here.

FaceBook ads stats feature of the month: Comscore.com reported that from July-September 2010, FaceBook had the top online ad impressions at 297 billion.  This represented over 23% of the online display advertising market.  I would like to know how many of these ads appeared on FaceBook profile pages (many of the ads that I post in my blog come from the FaceBook ad board, and not from my profile page) and how many clicks they got.

This month, I will comment on the ‘Will Grandma die’ FaceBook ad.  I am just one person, and my opinion on this ad is my own.  Others may have a similar or different opinion based on their experience and their personal preferences.  Therefore, I encourage you to add your feedback on this particular ad as well, whether you like it or not, or on any of the other ads included in this post as well.

I was drawn to comment on the ‘Will Grandma die’ ad because I am familiar with VirtualHospice.ca‘s unique and much needed services.  I like this particular ad very much because it targets an audience that may not be in an emotional state to search out this type of service, yet they could benefit so much from it.  Therefore, having an emotionally-charged ad flashed in front of them while they are on FaceBook, one that may hit home with the viewer, seems like an effective way to get the right person’s attention.  The title and text are well crafted in a simple yet very clear fashion.  The chosen image complements the copy very well.  In its entirety, this ad tells an emotional story quite effectively.  There is no branding of VirtualHospice.ca in the ad, but this is not what is important to their target audience.

Also, although there are no words that spell out the call-to-action, it is evident that the organization is trying to drive traffic to its website as the website is clearly listed below the copy.

In my opinion, VirtualHospice.ca did a fantastic job with this ad.

Here are other ads that appeared on my FaceBook profile over the month of November.  Note: Ddrops and Kidney Cancer Canada are clients.

Every once in a while, I see a non-FaceBook online healthcare-related ad that catches my interest.  I capture these in my FaceBook healthcare-related ads post as added value to you, the reader.

The GSK ad was found on the paper.li e-newspaper by Ddrops Company (client), Canadian-Mom-Bloggers.  For those not familiar with the paper.li e-newsletters, the posts and ads are automatically selected via the paper.li process.  The hosting organization has no control over what articles or ads appear.  The only control that the hosting organization has is either the Twitter hashtag that will be focused on, or the Twitter list.  I am a fan of paper.li e-newsletters, but I do wish that more prominence would be given to the originator of the article, and less to the person who posted it (but that’s another topic).

The other two were Yahoo ads.

Tell me what you think of these ads in the comments below.

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