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FaceBook Healthcare-Related Ads, Plus 2 from Pharma (March 8-21 2010)

Here is my latest post with various FaceBook healthcare-related ads that were targeted to my profile from March 8-21 2010.  Finally, there were a couple of ads from pharma companies.  One (from the U.S.), which is looking for job applicants, and the other (from Chile), which appears to be trying to sell their products in other countries.  It’s a start!

Previous posts on FaceBook healthcare-related ads:

  • from Feb 6-18 2010 here
  • from Jan 25 to Feb 5 2010 here
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I also found an interesting healthcare-related ad on YouTube.  Since I do not see healthcare-related ads very often on YouTube, hence no need to start a new category, I decided to add it to this post.

Obviously there are many more of these types of ads on FaceBook, but these are the ones that have appeared on my specific profile.  This is by no means an endorsement of any of the products or services depicted, nor is it a critique of the ads themselves.

Feel free to critique any of these FaceBook (or YouTube) healthcare-related ads in the comments section.

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Here is the YouTube healthcare-related ad. The ad changes after a few seconds, so I took a snapshot of both the first and second part of the ad, hence the two pics on top of each other;

The following are all FaceBook healthcare-related ads, except for the one about running your own hospital.  That one is just an ad for an online FaceBook hospital game, but I thought some readers might find it interesting.  Enjoy!


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