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FaceBook Healthcare-Related Ads (Jan 25 to Feb 5 2010)

Have you ever taken the time to look through the FaceBook ads on your FaceBook profile page?  FaceBook provides advertisers with several ways to target their ads, including demographics such as age, sex, and location (and several other factors).  So theoretically, you should be exposed to ads that are of interest to you (which I often hear is not the case, but that’s a whole other discussion).  As a fan and member of several healthcare FaceBook fan pages and groups, I am sometimes targeted for healthcare-related ads.

I wanted share some of the FaceBook healthcare-related ads that I spotted on my profile between January 25 and February 5 2010.  My objective is not to critique the ads or to promote advertising on FaceBook, but rather just to make you more aware of what some organizations are doing.  If your strategic objectives point towards this type of advertisement, then I hope that some of these ads will at least give you some case studies to consider.

The pics are a little fuzzy because they are so small in size, so I apologize for the lack of quality ahead of time.

What do you think of these ads?  Go ahead and critique if you wish.  Have you seen any others that might be of interest to medical / pharma marketers?  If so, please let us know.

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4 Responses

  1. Interesting to see you were served our ad for HealthCareOptions. Indeed, we targeted that ad through our Facebook media buy at Ontario women, 18-49 as they are generally gatekeepers to family health. On the back end, we are measuring the impact through impressions served, CTR, cost per impression and subsequent engagement on the website.

    Here’s an excerpt from eMarketer that gives some more perspective on targeting this group through Facebook advertising: “Facebook is fertile ground for marketers to engage mothers and drive sales, but it needs to be done on their terms…(T)hey have no time for brands that don’t ‘get it,’ but they do embrace brands that play by their rules.”

    Michelle Read-Kulig
    Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

  2. […] See the full story on Marketing4health.wordpress.com […]

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by NatBourre: A few recent FaceBook healthcare-related ads that you might find interesting http://tinyurl.com/yzpoqnk

  4. Hi Michelle, Canadians are very active on FaceBook as per several studies released in 2009. And yes, Moms are social media-savvy, so kudos to you for taking this initiative.

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