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A new blog for healthcare marketers

Hi.  My name is Nat Bourre and this is my new blog.  The name of the blog, Marketing 4 Health, is the name of my Medical Marketing and Social Media Consulting company, which I founded in 2006 (but I truly only started focusing on it in late 2007).

What is the objective of the Marketing 4 Health blog?  The objective of this blog is to provide my readers with tips and reviews on practices, tools and services that might help them in their marketing. 

I plan on achieving this by sharing with you some of my experiences, learnings and opinions about medical marketing and social media related to healthcare (Health 2.0).  You will also find some interviews with medical marketing experts, and feedback on new and existing tools and services that might be of interest to medical marketers.  

Although much of the information in this blog will be universal, there will be the occasional focus on Canada.  I hope that the information will be useful to you, or at least inspire you to come up with the decisions that are best for your specific business situation.

Who might find this blog interesting and helpful?  Anybody responsible for marketing products or services that promote better health. 

Who is Nat Bourre?  I am a Medical Marketing and Social Media Consultant.  Before starting my own business, I enjoyed 13 years in pharma sales and marketing. My experience with pharma brands spans all lifecycle stages and I have also led the marketing team for an Rx brand that became 5th largest brand in Canada. I have successfully acted as co-promotion alliance manager for several partnerships.  Some have even referred to me as the ‘co-promotion queen’.  I am very passionate about Social Media.  I could, and often do, talk about it all day. I have had the good fortune of being able to manage the Social Media strategy and implementation for my clients in healthcare, consumer and non-profit industries.

Language:  The blog entries will be written in English, but if somebody wants to write a comment en français, please feel free to do so.  That’s as far as my linguistic skills go, so please stick with these 2 languages only.

Let’s stay in touch: 





4 Responses

  1. Good luck with the blog Nat. I am sure you will bring forward some interesting ideas to review and discuss.

  2. Congratulations from PHARMACOSERÍAS

  3. Congratulations on your BLOG Nat ! I’m certain it will be a “favourite” for every health marketer!

  4. Félicitations pour votre blogue. Looking forward for your insight into the pharma marketing universe. Au plaisir.

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